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Comfrey Root Cuttings Russian Bocking 14 (Symphytum × uplandicum) 5 cuttings per order

Comfrey Root Cuttings Russian Bocking 14 (Symphytum × uplandicum) 5 cuttings per order

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1-3" Comfrey roots - 5 root cuttings per order. (available only from April to October)

Comfrey is such a versatile plant, no homestead should be without at least several of them. This variety does not spread by seed. You can create more plants just by digging up some roots from an established plant, putting them in the ground, and before you know it you have a new plant.

There is a wide use for comfrey, here are just a few:

- Pollinator plants – bees love the many flowers this plant puts off. 
- Mineral Mining- comfrey sends roots 6-10 feet into the subsoil to pull up nutrients for other plants to use and is stored in the leaves which can be cut and used as mulch, which will then return to the soil surface.
- Biomass- comfrey can be cut up to 4-6 times per year and used as a mulch around trees and plants. You can also add to compost piles and create a huge amount of nitrogen for it.
- Food crop – many animals enjoy munching on comfrey
- Natural hedge-  used as a border can keep weeds from creeping in from fence lines into orchards or gardens.
- Medicinal – can be made into a salve. Leaves can be used to be put on cuts and lacerations, leaves can be dried and used for tea.

Your root cuttings should be planted as soon as you receive them either into pots or the ground.  Do not let them sit in the bag or they will get moldy. 

  • Root cuttings will be 1-3" long. Allow at least a month for growth to appear although it is usually quicker depending on the time of year you plant.
  • Grows up to 4 feet tall with a spread of 3 feet.
  • Plant on 2-foot centers.
  • USDA Zone 3-9
  • Perennial, drought-resistant
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Plant in an area that will not be disturbed. It spreads and can become invasive when the roots are cut into pieces during tilling. This is less of a problem with the Bocking 14 variety.

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